Algebra Readiness

Algebra Readiness Initiative

The Algebra Readiness Initiative provides assistance in preparing students for success in Algebra.  The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has made available to all school divisions in Virginia an online diagnostic test.  Students participating in the program are pre- and post-tested.

Intervention models:

  • Individual or small group instruction
  • Common skill/strand deficit program
  • Before- or after-school programs
  • Saturday school
  • In-school tutoring by instructional aide
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Additional class period with licensed teacher
  • Summer school
  • Other research-based instructional model

Research-based instructional strategies should:

  • Use concrete-representation-abstract sequence of instruction
  • Build meaningful student connections
  • Teach concepts/skills within authentic contexts
  • Include explicit teacher modeling
  • Teach metacognitive strategies
  • Scaffold instruction
  • Teach using big ideas
Student practice should include:
  • A variety of practice opportunities
  • Structured language experiences
  • Structured peer tutoring
  • Structured small learning groups
  • Planned discovery experiences
  • Instructional games
  • Self-correcting materials
  • Continuous monitoring/charting of student performance